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3DCodingM.odelT.own devilnumberRakugardenIntroduction

3D Coding ModelTown Magic GardenThis is an environment-friendly teaching material designed for children's love.

Passed Taiwan's Ministry of Education Examination, Selected.

While in the same school, learning formula design restrained phrase pattern basics, such as "order", "conditional branching" and "circulation".

During operation, you can naturally learn and recognize the number, number of boxes, array, etc.

Just need to refer to the teaching materials, assign the assignments quickly and easily, and follow the 3rd grade senior high school junior high school students,

Possible to design a self-study formula, follow zero basics, reduce dependence on the teacher.

Different from other equation design teaching materials,3D Coding ModelTown Magical GardenCreate a large interactive learning environment that can be created by the same students

The solution is to study together, and to study individually.

1.Students and teachers can see each other's learning progress, mutual encouragement.

2. The design result of self-harmonization of the same individual within 3D space.

3.Students are allowed to use teleconference functions and team supervisors to communicate or support.

4. When the school is unclear, it is possible to relax and find other teachers in the same school.

5. There are other unexplained times in the same school, and it is possible to solve the problem when the same school can be solved in advance.

Once the same school system design basis, one can roll three, creative architecture, the body and the physical geometric shape, the self-made one-of-a-kind work.

3D Coding ModelTown Magic Garden, Comprehensive Equation Design Environment and Teaching Materials, Basic Learning Equation Design,

It is a special amusement park for the group class, which is a special amusement park for the first class.

Roshi or the same student can be returned to Mario Maker by self-produced teaching materials and assignments.

Welcoming landlords, this is a fun and entertaining task, so it's a question from the same school!

Instructions for review:

The transparent3D Coding ModelTownmagic garden7 reasons for learning equation design:

1. Magical Garden Suiko Solving Problem Ability

2. Magical Garden Suiko calculation thought

3. Magical Garden Perseverance

4. Magical Garden Teaching Creativity

5. Yusuke at Magical Garden

6. Magical Garden Cultivation Occupation Development Skills

7. Magical Garden Suiko Faith Wagoo Tech

Japanese and Taiwanese children welcome3D Coding ModelTownmagic garden6 reasons why:

1. Magical music garden allows you to play with your own friends, play, run and fly

2. Experience Math Transformational Fun

3. Mutually Encouraged Learning at Magical Garden

4. One standard answer for Magical Music Garden

5. Magical Garden modeling cuteness, environmental harmony, non-violent harmony competition

6. Magical Music Garden Exhibition Self-exclusive work sharing with friends

Used iPad, used screen keyboard.


Standard requirement

Hard body suggestion: table type computer, letter computer, flat panel computer, keyboard or screen keyboard

Computer work system:

Windows PC — Windows 10 or higher version

Mac — OS X Yosemite 10.10 or higher (on supported Macs)

Chrome OS

iPad — iOS 10.0 or higher version


Suggestion Google Chrome, Apple Safari

Network demand:

WIFI wireless network

(Each student 5MB or more, 30th grade student 150MB or more)

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