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price list

3D Coding ModelTown can be purchased for a school class.

The minimum purchase duration is one month.

The fee includes three factors:

1. Number of Exercises

2. Number of students and teachers

3. Usage time

Please provide your requirements in the form below,

and we can provide a quotation for you.


1. Number of Exercises (one time fee)

ModelTown has 100 exercises, the minimum purchase is 10 exercises.

(at about 2500 NTD, including sample answers)

The exercises can be used by anyone on the same server.

It is a one-time fee, not a monthly fee. It can be used by all students and teachers in the same school

The exercises can be set in two formats:

Quiz format: Only the teacher can see all students' progress and answers.

Class format: The teacher and all the students can view the progress of all students.

Teachers or students are also encouraged to create their own exercises for their students.

2. Number of students and teachers

Fixed fee for students and teachers.

2.1 Number of students

25-30NTD/month for each student

(Students' questions will be answered on a public bulletin board in ModelTown)

2.2 Number of teachers

125NTD/month per teacher

(Teacher's questions can be answered on LINE or by Email)

3. Usage time(Demand for server)

Each school will have an Amazon EC2 cloud-based server, the cost of which is as follows:

3.1 Number of users at the same time

Example A. For 200 registered accounts, if only 30 users use ModelTown at one time, the spec/cost only needs to be for 30 people. 

Example B, For 200 registered accounts, if all 200 students want to play at the same time, (several classes at the same school at the same time), the spec/cost will be much higher.


3.2 Daily Continuous usage hours(Longest continuous connection time)

The maximum number of consecutive hours need to be determined.

If the school has both morning and afternoon classes using ModelTown, you may need 8 hours.

IF the school only has morning or only afternoon classes for ModelTown, you may need just a 4-hour server. 

The server will automatically shut down and stop at the selected time for each day. ,

3.3 Number of months used per academic year

We suggested schools teach Modeltown 1-2 months per semester, 4 months per year is most ideal.

The server will be managed by LEAN System.

The fee for the cloud-based server is calculated on a per-school basis (maximum number of simultaneous connections), please send in your requirements in the form below.

Fee Reference

Below is a fee sample table (Tax not included) for reference only.

A quote will be provided for your school requirements.



Thank you for your message​

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