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model town S

boards of education, schools, classroom-type free schools,

Participation in online free school units with a monthly fee of 3300 yen or more

​For application,Contact us via LINE( contact us.

After that, we will inform you of the e-mail address and phone number for contact.

Step 1: Advance preparation online trial session

In the area of the board of education, we will invite applicants and hold an online trial session. Each child/student can participate freely from 6:00 in the morning to 22:00 in the evening. The duration of one lesson is 90 minutes. A break of 3 hours is required for consecutive classes.


10 questions x 1 set


The student recruitment period will be 4 weeks, and classes will be held for 4 weeks after that.
​ During this period, we will be accepting questions from teachers at each school.

Please use LINE to ask questions about things you do not understand after actually using it.

Individual responses will be posted on LINE Business, and overall responses will be posted on YouTube.

If necessary, we will do a YouTube live and answer questions in real time.


The number of schools x 5000 yen (excluding tax).

The number of participants

Each school can have up to 50 participants.

student recruitment

We will distribute poster data and leaflet data for announcement, so please post and distribute freely.

payment method

Bank transfer

Step 2: Learning session at each school

At the school level, all students participate in the classroom. A student who has already studied in 1 will be the teacher. The class and subject teachers are the facilitators who make the lessons run smoothly.


5 questions x 4 sets

Class assignments will be decided by each teacher.

We also have a standard frame layout here.

One set consists of 8 classes.We will hold 4 classes of 2 classes in a row.

The goal of the class is to finish 5 questions in 2 frames with everyone's cooperation.We will work together to achieve the goal within the time allotted.



First year: Number of students x 500 yen (excluding monthly tax)

Next year: Number of students x 200 yen (excluding monthly tax)

From the next year onwards, if students create programming learning materials (pass/fail judgment of assignments will be done at the same time as students), they can be used at the following fees.

Number of students x 100 yen (excluding monthly tax)


Number of teachers x 300 yen (excluding monthly tax)


<Exchanges with overseas schools>

Next year, the ModelTown operating company will introduce schools studying ModelTown overseas. Each school realizes interaction between children in the 3D space of ModelTown.

payment method

Bank transfer

Model town S cost example

Five schools in a certain board of education area participate, and the total number of students is 1,000. 30 teachers.

The duration of the course is 3 months. (Amount does not include tax)

1, Advance preparation online experience session

5 schools x 5000 yen = 25000 yen

2, Learning sessions at each school


First year: 1000 people x 500 yen x 3 months = 1,500,000 yen

Next year: 1000 people x 200 yen x 3 months = 600,000 yen

From the next year onwards, if the student creates programming learning materials (the pass/fail judgment of the assignment is also done at the same time as the student), the following fee will be charged.

1000 people x 100 yen x 3 months = 300,000 yen


50 people x 300 yen x 3 months = 45,000 yen

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