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ModelTown in Classrooms

We have held programming classes through "mutual learning" at public elementary schools from Tokyo to Fukuoka in Japan.

In programming through mutual learning, the students teach and learn from each other, rather than the teacher teaching. The students were learning with excitement and self learning rather than being taught by a teacher.

Implement visual programming using Blockly provided by Google,

The results are displayed in a virtual space called Minetest.

What you do in programming is building blocks. Depending on the given task, we will think of a building block algorithm and realize various building blocks. There are also building blocks that float in the air.


ModelTown Lessons at Sumida School, Tokyo


By sharing the same virtual space with the whole class, one can see the progress  of other classmates and be motivated without giving up and thinking, "I should be able to do it too!"

The students can also look at someone else's work,  "This person did it! " and ask for help in the chat room, "I don't understand, can please you show me?"

Teachers help students teach and learn together.

​ As a result, children collaborate, imagine and inspire in programming.

​ Check out these children's surveys after learning ModelTown for the first time.

Are you a parent who want to make programming fun for your children at home?

Are you a school teachers who want to teach

fun programming lessons?

Any questions about ModelTown? Feel free to contact us via LINE



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Students Feedback ( we asked them what was challenging at first) 


It was hard to get used to at first, but once I got used to it, I realized how much fun it was. It was interesting to be in the same space in the game world as everyone in my class. I'm glad you taught me something that I didn't understand and now I can teach someone.


Since I had to use a machine, at first it was very difficult for me to operate the computer skillfully. In programming this time, I was able to do things that I couldn't do or didn't understand because my friends taught me. It was very easy to understand because someone in the class came up to the front and taught everyone.


I cleared up to level 7, though it was difficult to fit all the different parts together. It was fun because I consulted with a few people. I play similar games at home, so I know how to do it, but it's not a PC, so I'm glad I can enjoy it in a different way. We all worked together to clear some levels, so I think we were able to teach each other.


I had never done programming before, so there were some new things, but I was quite difficult at first to follow the instructions in the lesson. I was glad that I was able to teach my friends at the end and enjoy programming classes together. I'm glad that we were able to work together to advance to Lesson 8. People who can do it teach people who can't, and I think we were able to cooperate.


In programming, there are various items, and it was difficult to repeatedly add and change them. At first, it was difficult, but every time I repeated it, it became more and more interesting, and I wanted to learn more about programming. I was very happy when I was able to teach and be taught by everyone, and I was able to help each other, so it was good.


I couldn't do the cross lesson well, but I was able to cooperate with my friends. It was difficult to put the block 10 steps higher with the command. I was happy that I was able to climb the stairs successfully. I was able to put the block by hitting the command. I had a lot of things to teach me, so next time I want to spend half the time being taught; and half the time teaching others.

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